Z’s Longest Day
Japanese | English

Volume 05

Volume Info
Volume: 5
Japanese Title: Zの一番長い日
Romanized Title: Z no Ichiban Nagai hi
ISBN (JP): 978-4088704357
ISBN (US): 978-1616552244
Release Date (JP): June 4, 2012
Release Date (US): February 25, 2014
Total Pages: 196
Volume Chronology
Volume 4 Volume 6

Z’s Longest Day (Zの一番長い日, Z no Ichiban Nagai hi) is the 5th volume in the series.

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An escaped Blood Breed brings Libra operative Zap Renfro’s former master to New Jerusalem, and Zap must once again prove his skills to avoid being dragged back to the harsh training grounds of his school. And though Zap is a formidable fighter, he’ll need the assistance of the other Libra agents and his own young apprentice to imprison the Blood Breed before it wreaks untold havoc upon our world!