Hello, World!
Performer Bump of Chicken
Lyrics Fujiwara Motoo
Composition Fujiwara Motoo
Arrangement Bump of Chicken, MOR
Episodes Episode 1 - Episode 12
Length 4:15
Air Date April 6, 2015
Release Date April 22, 2015
Hello, World! by Bump of Chicken is the first opening theme of the anime Kekkai Sensen.


The song debuted in the 1st episode during the final scene. The normal animation sequence debuted in the 2nd episode. The single track along with another song, was released on April 22, 2015.

Single TracklistEdit

  1. Hello,world! 
  2. Colony (コロニー, Koronī)


Upon opening the door, I found a twisted noontime evening
How did I get home yesterday? My body's the only thing I'm sure of
Good morning; I'll carry on with being lost once more
among the unknown sights that have become so familiar

After I figured all was lost, I've been getting by somehow,
somewhat embarrassed to be tough enough to still be alive
I know what I have to do, even if I forget
Otherwise, things become so agonizing

I look up to see someone with big black eyes
It's because I saw you that this light came to be

Surrounded by the world painted in colors of my choosing,
where do I find meaning in the scars I could not choose?
In the heart of a world where only I am the hero,
I'm onstage, appearing in every scene until the end
What do I do? I can't even pretend to be empty

Hello, hi there, here I am
Hello, hi there, here I am

tobira hirakeba nejireta himo no yoru
kinou dou yatte kaetta karada dake ga tashika
ohayou korekara mata maigo no tsudzuki
minareta shiranai keshiki no naka de

mou dame to omottekara wari to nandaka yareteru
shi ni kiranai kurai ni joubu nanka chotto hazukashii
yarubeki kotoba wasurete temo wakaru
sou shinai to totemo kurushii kara

kao agate kuroi me no hito
kimi ga mita kara hikari wa umareta

eranda iro de nutta sekai de kakomarete
eramenai kizu no himi wa doko darou
gojibun dake ga hiiro sekai no mannaka de
owaru made dezuppari suteeji no ue
dou shiyou karappo furi mo dekinai

haroo doumo boku wa koko
haroo doumo boku wa koko





ハロー どうも 僕はここ
ハロー どうも 僕はここ


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