Gilbert F. Altstein
Kanji: ギルベルト・F・アルトシュタイン
Romaji: Giruberuto F Arutoshutain
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Libra
Anime Debut: Episode 2
Manga Debut: Chapter 4
Japanese Voice: Fukumatsu Shin`ya (comic)

Ginga Banjou (anime)

English Voice: Francis Henry
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Gilbert F. Altstein (ギルベルト・F・アルトシュタイン, Giruberuto F Arutoshutain) is Klaus' butler and member of Libra who handles most of their intelligence network.


Gilbert is an older man clad in typical Butler attire, most of Gilbert's face is covered with bandages save for his eyes, mouth & hair.


Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman regeneration: Gilbert possesses a rapid rate of regeneration which is only active when he has been inflicted with grave injuries and blows that can cause instant death. This is shown when Gilbert's head is cleaved in two by a "beyond" creature who had stolen Phillip's brain, but can still hold his consciousness and killed the creature shortly thereafter. But this power doesn't nullify the pain which comes from the injury.
  • Visceral Heavy Industry (ヴィセラル重工製 Viseraru Jūkōsei?): Gilbert's car arms itself with different weapons to fight against enemies.
    • Plasma Cutter (プラズマカッター Purazuma Kattā?): Gilbert's car arms itself with a three-eyed laser which can cut through any tough substance.
    • Bethesda Firearms Death Caliber .50 (ベセスダファイアアームズ製デスカリバー。50 Besesuda Faiaāmuzu-sei Desu Karibā Pointo Fifutī?): Gilbert's car summons

machine gun turrets from the car and shoots to kill its enemeies.



  • In the Original Oneshot, Gilbert was a Mummy, but this has obviously since changed.
  • Despite being flawless in working around the building, he panics when dealing with mice.
  • Gilbert's middle initial is "F" which is short for "Franke".

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