The Tremorous Blood Hammer
Episode 05
Episode Info
Kanji 震撃の血槌
Romaji Shingeki no Chitsuchi
Air Date May 3, 2015
Episode Direction Son Seung-Hui
Storyboard Matsumoto Rie
Screenplay Furuya Kazunao
Animation Direction Sugiura Kouji (Chief), Nagano Nobuaki (mecha), Hasebe Atsushi, Murai Takashi,
Episode Chronology
Episode 4 Episode 6

The Tremorous Blood Hammer (震撃の血槌, Shingeki no Chitsuchi) is the 5th episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.



Aligura, the Queen of Monomania, is on the hunt to find her creation, Brody & Hummer, and her monster truck is tearing up anything that gets in her way! Meanwhile, Femt and the King of Despair make some secret plans of their own.