Run Lunch Run, To The End
Episode Info
Kanji ラン!ランチ!!ラン!!! to the end
Romaji Ran! Ranchi! ! Ran! ! ! To the end
Air Date May 30, 2015
Episode Direction Ikuro Sato
Storyboard Tomohiko Ito
Screenplay Kazunao Furuya
Animation Direction Takashi Tomioka
Episode Chronology
Episode 9 Episode 11

Run Lunch Run, To The End (ラン!ランチ!!ラン!!! to the end, Ran! Ranchi! ! Ran! ! ! To the end) is the 10th episode of Kekkai Sensen anime.



Leo, Zapp and Zed's lunch time turn to the bizarre when they come into several restaurants, one weirder than the other, until they are dragged to a heated battle along Klaus and Steven. Afterwards, Leo is cornered by the King of Despair and White, who want to use him their own, personal reasons.


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